Become a Trainer

Thanks for your interest in becoming a MATY-Certified Trainer!

VAISEF offers two types of trainer certification, MATY-Certified Trainer and MATY-Certified Master Trainer. Master Trainers are eligible to conduct Train-the-Trainer courses, while Trainers are limited to conducting medication administration training for non-licensed individuals.

IMPORTANT! ALL Train-the-Trainer courses are scheduled, paid for, and conducted in cooperation with MATY/VAISEF. Any Train-the-Trainer courses conducted without MATY/VAISEF’s knowledge and cooperation will be considered unsanctioned training and trainees will NOT be recognized or certified. Please contact us with any questions.


To be eligible to become a MATY-Certified Trainer, you must maintain a current and valid health care provider license recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia. This may include a registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), pharmacist, physician, or other as defined in Virginia statutes (contact us if you are unsure if you qualify). Additionally, you must reasonably expect to conduct at least 1 MATY Training annually.

To be eligible to become a MATY-Certified Master Trainer, you must have documented experience as a trainer of another medication administration or other healthcare training (i.e. CPR, First Aid, etc.) and have taught at least 4 classes in the last 2 years. As a Master Trainer, you will be expected to be available to conduct MATY Train-the-Trainer classes upon request of MATY/VAISEF.

Training and Fees

Training to become a MATY-Certified Trainer or Master Trainer is completed with a minimum 16-hour, competency based training courses spread over 2 days. These courses are offered per demand, so please contact us if you have an interest. You may also check our course calendar to see if any trainings are scheduled.

The fee schedule for training is as follows:

VAISEF Member Non-VAISEF Member
Trainer $500 $625
Master Trainer $750 $1,000


Trainers and Master Trainers are required to maintain certification through the MATY program on an annual basis. The first year of certification is included in the initial training fees. For recertification in subsequent years, please review the recertification requirements here.