Find a Trainer

This page lists all currently certified MATY Trainers that are available to be contacted with inquiries about conducting training at your facility. Contract terms are negotiable with each trainer. VAISEF recommends a fee between $800-$1200 for a 16-hour training, plus travel expenses, if necessary.

Name Training Region(s) Phone Number Email
Melissa Clifton, LPN Central Virginia
Sharon Carroll, RN Northern Virginia 703-622-5708
Virginia Goode, RN Southside Virginia 804-586-8348
MaryAnn Herrmann, RN Northwest Virginia 540-888-9527
Kathryn Ferris Southern Virginia 434-250-7778
Rachel Johnson, RN Central Virginia 804-474-1003 X 1058
Aretha Lewis, BSN, RN Central Virginia  804-938-6606


If you are a trainer and would like your name added to this list or any information updated, please contact us.