How often is MATY training required?

The MATY program does not require retraining or recertification, however, the completion of an annual refresher is required to remain in good standing. More information about this requirement is available here.

Why are employers required to subscribe to the MATY program and pay an annual fee?

The MATY program’s development has been underwritten by VAISEF and to ensure ongoing quality improvement and assurance, employers are expected to remain in contact with the MATY program. As part of this annual subscription, MATY will require acknowledgement of the annual refresher requirement. The annual subscription will also ensure that MATY has an updated list of MATY-trained providers, so that information can be disseminated to providers as needed. The subscription fee allows for the ongoing support of the MATY program.

How can I get a copy of my training certificate?

Please contact us to request a certificate copy. There is a $10 research and processing fee. The following information will need to be supplied: date of training, location of training, full name of trainee, mailing address.