Training Fees

There are two costs associated with MATY training; compensation of MATY Trainers and curriculum purchase. Please read BOTH sections below.

Compensation of MATY Trainers

MATY training is conducted by MATY certified trainers. Organizations and employers are responsible for employing or contracting with such trainers and compensating them accordingly.

Employed Trainers – If the trainer is employed by your organization, compensation of the trainer is expected to be covered by your employment agreement and there are no additional training fees due to MATY or VAISEF.

Contracted Trainers – If the trainer is being independently contracted to provide training to employees or volunteers of your organization, you are responsible for negotiating appropriate fees to be paid directly to the trainer. A normal range of appropriate fees is between $800-$1200 for a 16-hour standard training. There are no training fees due to MATY or VAISEF.

Curriculum Purchase

Every individual trained under the MATY program is required to have a new MATY Curriculum for their exclusive use. The curriculum is available for purchase here. The curriculums may be purchased in any quantity and may NOT be reproduced under any circumstances. It is copyrighted material and reproduction is illegal. Included with the curriculum is a digital file of the MATY Test.

Click Here to Purchase Curriculum(s)